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Madison Schools

3498 Treat Hwy.

Adrian, MI 49221



The Madison Board of Education has authorized the enrollment of non-resident students for the 2022-23 school year as permitted under Section 105, and 105c Schools of Choice.  We welcome applications for students interested in attending a progressive school with attractive class sizes, a strong commitment to technology, and a belief that education is a partnership between the student, family, and school.  Applicants should understand that a strong work ethic and good attendance are critical to be a successful student.

Applications may be requested at the above address or by phone. 

Grades Y5-12 will be open for unlimited enrollment.  This means that all qualified applicants will be accepted.

  • The Schools of Choice application period for grades Y5-12 begins on April 13, 2022 and the deadline for completed applications is 3:00pm on the September 2, 2022.

For additional information, please call 265-1847.


School of Choice Application 2022-23


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