Swinehart, Mark

Name: Swinehart, Mark
Position: School Board Secretary

Meet your Board Members:

Mark Swinehart currently holds the position of Secretary on the Madison School District Board of Education. He has served the board for the past fifteen years because he wishes to support the education system that is in place at Madison. He says he believes in the team that supports our students on a daily basis.

A 1979 graduate of Madison High School, Mark’s commitment to the district runs deep. His wife, Jodi, is a Madison graduate and employee. Their daughter, Ashley, graduated from MHS in 2011 and their son, Kyle, is a graduate of 2017. He says, “There is a sense of PRIDE of being a Madison Trojan. I have been a Trojan my whole life. I was born and raised here. I was a Trojan when we were small and insignificant in the community. I am still a Trojan now that we are larger and more diverse.”

Mark looks forward to working with the other members of the board and with school administration to achieve the goals they have identified to continuously improve for our students. He also wishes to further his education through the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) to become a better board member to serve the Madison School District.

Mark is an employee of the Madison Township Fire Department. In his free time he enjoys working outside and spending time with his family. If you wish to contact Mark, please feel free to email him at mswinehart108@hotmail.com.