McDonald, Eric

Name: McDonald, Eric
Position: School Board Trustee

Eric McDonald has been a Trustee on the Madison School Board of Education since 2017. As a volunteer at Madison for more than a decade, Eric is familiar with the district and hopes to help build a strong future for every student who attends Madison Schools.

McDonald has served as a Corrections Officer for the Gus Harrison Correctional Facility for 19 years. This experience has shown him how a positive school environment and strong role models can change lives. He hopes to bring that experience to Madison, where he can help to develop each and every student.

Some of the goals McDonald has set for himself are to suggest ways to increase community involvement through volunteerism as well as support efforts to improve safety at the school. This may include updated sidewalks and improving traffic flow on campus.

McDonald has two children here at Madison: Garret McDonald (10th), Madisyn McDonald (9th).



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