Staff Directory: M.S. Teachers

Name Position Phone
Barber, Tiffany Communications 7-8 517-263-0743 ext. 213
Cebulski, Jackie Math, grade 6 517-263-0741 Ext. 220
Cessna, Kyle Math, grade 7 517-263-0743 ext. 223
Dietrich, Bonnie Special Education, grades 6-8 517-263-0741 Ext. 214
Doering, Alex Academic Writing, grades 6-7 517-263-0741 Ext. 217
Forche, Renee ELA, grade 6 517-263-0741 Ext. 231
Gafford, Emily Science 7, PLTW 517-263-0741 Ext. 202
Garno, Deanna ELA, grade 8 517-263-0741 Ext. 211
Hacker, Abby Social Studies, grades 7 517-263-0741 Ext. 224
Hague, Rebecca Math 517-263-0741 Ext. 216
Hall, Scott Science, PLTW, grade 6 517-263-0741 Ext. 218
Hogle, Jill Physical Education | Health, grades 6-8 517-263-0741 Ext. 203
Matthews, Danyelle Social Studies, grade 8 517-263-0741 Ext. 229
Morris, Laura Music (elementary, Choir (grade 6) 517-263-0744 Ext. 339
Osburn, Josiah Special Education, grades 6-8 517-263-0743 ext. 212
Perry, Wade Social Studies, grade 6 517-263-0741 Ext. 219
Powers, Josh Physical Education | Health 517-263-0741 Ext. 137
Risner, Erin Special Education, grades 6-8 517-263-0741 x212
Salters, Kathy Special Education, grade 8 517-263-0741 Ext. 214
Shinaver, Sherri Science, grade 8 517-263-0743 x201
Spagnoli, Meghan Literature Studies, grade 7 517-263-0741 x222
Strasshofer, Eric Choir/Band 517-264-0741 ext 400
Thompson, Erik Special Education, Math, grade 6-8 517-263-0741 Ext. 414
Van Valkenburg, Kathryn Technology, Grade 6-8 517-263-0741 Ext. 209
Yeager, Heather Art, Digital Media 517-263-0741 Ext. 207
Zeckner, Marcie Orchestra/Band 517-264-0741 ext 499

T-Mobile Call UP Grant Program for Little League Registrations

T-Mobile and Little League International are teaming up, to make sure kids are not left behind, and are able to play Little League this year. If you are in need of some financial assistance to help cover the cost of your child's registration fees, please click the link below and apply for a grant. It is a very easy process, and the money is mailed directly to us for your child's registration fees.
  • Madison Little League had several families qualify last year before we had to cancel our season.
  • You will need Madison Little Leagues ID - 308814
  • Once you are approved, please let us know so we can watch for the check from T-Mobile to arrive.
  • Once approved, you will need to complete a registration form, so we have all the necessary information for your child.
  • Registration for our league closes on March 5th, so please apply prior to that date, as it sometimes takes a little time before you hear from T-Mobile.