Staff Directory: M.S. Support Staff

Name Position Phone
Fisher, Karla Guidance Counselor 517-263-0741 Ext. 225
Graham, Janet Media Director 517-263-0741 Ext. 150
Huffman, Cara Nurse 517-263-0741 ext. 354
Lobkovich, Christine Special Education Coordinator 517-263-0741 Ext. 142
Marten, Greg Instructional Technology Coach 517-263-0744 ext 528
Rains, Lucas Stakeholder Communications Coordinator 517-263-0741 ext. 140
Skarha, Lee Technology Director 517-263-0741 Ext. 434
Swinehart, Jodi Middle School Secretary 517-263-0743
Taylor, Julie Director of Food Services 517-265-1844 or 517-263-0741 Ext. 136

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