Volunteers Needed for Faster Horses

I am sending this to everyone as most of you are a coach or a parent of a Madison student-athlete or you want to work Faster Horses.  If not, please go ahead and delete this message.

This is being sent out to try to clarify some misinformation that has been posted about working Faster Horses. Instead of having Fun Night this year we are working Faster Horses.  Each sport is required to get 6 workers/shifts for the main tent.  This main tent is center stage and is run by the Athletic Department and Girls Basketball. This requires 22-25 people per shift.  6 slots filled by the coaches of their respected sport. We sell canned beer, water and Gatorade at this tent.

The Athletic Department is also in charge of a margarita truck. Part of the proceeds will be shared with the softball and bowling teams as they will be working at it. This requires 10-11 people per shift. Margaritas are the only thing sold at this truck.

The boys’ basketball and boys golf team also has a booth selling craft beer. This is run by Erik Thompson.  He has workers for this tent as well as the main tent.

Coaches are to give me the names of adults that are working for their sport and what shift/day they would like to work. As of this morning I have girls basketball and bowling covered. All other sports need to fill their slots. Make sure they tell me what sport they are working for if the parent is contacting me.

Requirements to be able to work:

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Valid Driver’s Lic.

Please contact me (Kris.Isom@madisonk12.us, 517-263-0742 ext. 124) or check the MADISON WEBSITE-FACEBOOK PAGE for the correct information.

Thank you to those of you that have already stepped up and feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions.

Go Trojans!

Kris Isom


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