SuperFAN Shootout Raises Over $3,000

The Madison SUPERFAN SHOOTOUT was a great success!  All students from Young 5’s through 5th grade had 3 days of basketball FUN during their physical education classes.  The students participated in various basketball challenges from dribbling cone flips, “Basketball Skillastics”, as well as passing and shooting games with their classmates.  The annual “Hot Shot Challenge,” proved to be a favorite.  The top 3 girls and boys from each class in grades 3 through 5 were awarded certificates for their scores in this friendly competition.  The overall champions from each grade are also mentioned below.   A big shout out goes out to our high school physical education classes who assisted and cheered on our elementary students in practicing their basketball fundamentals at this event.  They were awesome!  Some of our students even had the opportunity to watch high schooler, Ronald Amison throw down some entertaining dunks!

Special recognition goes to the following students who raised $75 or more in contributions:  Nolan Matthews, Vanessa McVay, Adriana Trejo, Zeke Cebulski, Alicia Zamora, Alex Perez, Treyvion Guerro, Grace and Jenni Henry, Kayden Raymond, Hayden Brown, Trenton Fetter, Emma Green, Ashton Hoag, Bryce Jordan, Veronica Flores, and Kayleigh-Jade Wells. We appreciate ALL of our elementary students who participated and raised funds for this event. They will be used to provide more opportunities for physical activity on our playground, in our physical education classes as well as help support the health and well-being of our Madison FAMILY! 

Our Shootout also brought in over $3,000 for our Madison students.  The funds will be used to provide more options for physical activity on our playground and physical education classes as well as support health and wellness for our Madison community!  All students who raised funds in this event will be receiving their “Thank You,” gifts soon.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!