Students recognized for their TECH Center achievements

LISD TECH Center DECA Chapter District Conference Results

Apparel & Accessories Marketing

Top Exam Medalist, State Finalist       Selena Alvarez (Madison)


Food Marketing

Top Role Play Medalist, State

Finalist                                                     Donovan Slates (Madison)


Hotel & Lodging Management

Top Exam Medalist                                Alexa Blohm (Madison)


Principles of Marketing

Top Role Play Medalist                         Grady Morlock (Madison)


Creative Marketing Project team

Alexa Blohm (Madison) & Hailey Perez (Madison)


LISD TECH Center Business Professionals of America (BPA) Chapter Regional Conference Results

Network Administration Using Microsoft

3rd Place        Matthew Lee, Computer Information Services (Madison)



HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)


Community Awareness

(All competitors are from the Dental Assisting program.)

Gold                Maizy Czajkowski (Madison), Sierra Hernandez (Madison)

Silver              Kylee Jones (Madison)


Dental Science

(All competitors are from the Dental Assisting program.)

8th Place        Amia Benson (Madison)


Health Career Display

Bronze           Skylar Larson, C.N.A. (Madison)


Health Career Photography

5th Place        Rachel Isom, Dental Assisting (Madison)


Health Education

(All competitors are from the Health Care Careers.)

Silver              Emma Freshcorn (Madison)

8th Place        Christian Flores (Madison)


Home Health Aide

Gold                Abigail Kaster, Nursing Prep (Madison)

4th Place        Kate Flynn, C.N.A. (Madison)

5th Place        Breanna Rutherford, Nursing Prep (Madison)

8th Place        Bailey Osborne, C.N.A. (Madison)


Knowledge Test ~ Medical Law and Ethics

4th Place        Austin Nichols, Health Care Careers (Madison)


Medical Assisting

4th Place        Lindsi Gezelman, C.N.A. (Madison)


Medical Terminology

5th Place        Evelyn Dewey, Health Care Careers (Madison)


Nursing Assisting

7th Place        Leigha Lobkovich, Nursing Prep (Madison)

10th Place      Autumn Bussing, Nursing Prep (Madison)



LISD TECH Center SkillsUSA Results


Collision Repair (All competitors were from Automotive Collision Repair & Refinish)

1st Place         Chris Pharion (Madison) **


Advertising Design (All competitors were from Graphic Imaging Technology)

1st Place         Anthony Moore (Madison) **

13th Place      Jacob Swanson (Madison)


Digital Cinema Production (All competitors were from Video & Audio Production)

(Direct to State Contest – Teams of two)

Damian Nickelson (Madison) **


Job Skill Demonstration A (All competitors were from Building Trades)

5th Place        Greg Lamprecht-Carson (Madison)


Carpentry (All competitors were from Building Trades)

6th Place        Mason Palpant (Madison)


Team Works (All competitors were from Residential Construction)

(Direct to State Contest – Team of four)

Randy McTaggart (Madison)


Internetworking (All competitors were from Computer Information Services)

6th Place        Matthew Lee (Madison)


Quiz Bowl (All competitors were from Computer Information Services)

(Direct to State Contest – team of 5-7 members)

Cameron Hinman (Madison) and Matthew Lee (Madison) **


LISD TECH Center Students Successful at Tri-County Science Fair

Division III – Life Science

7th Place        Rebecca McTaggart, Biochemical Technology (Madison)


Division III – Team (All Teams are from Biochemical Technology)

3rd Place, $50          Kiarah Horn (Madison)

5th Place                    Soledad Marquez (Madison)



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