Middle School Elective Information for 5th Grade Parents

Attention Parents of Current Fifth Graders:

We are currently scheduling sixth graders for the 2020-2021 school year! One of the most important decisions your child makes each year is the choice of his/her courses. Please take a moment to review the elective options for sixth grade. After reviewing the options, please complete the short survey so that we can ensure that your child starts their middle school years ready for success!

In middle school, music, art, and physical education programs are important pieces of our academic programming. We offer the following choice:

  • Band/PE (PE one day/week)
  • Choir/PE (PE one day/week)
  • Orchestra/PE (PE one day/week)
  • PE/Art (1 trimester of art and 2 trimesters of PE)

All students will automatically be enrolled in Literature Studies, Mathematics, Science, World Geography, Computer Science.

If you have any questions regarding academic options, please feel free to reach out Principal Brad Anschuetz at brad.anschuetz@madisonk12.us

We are looking forward to welcoming our new sixth graders soon!

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