Madison ASL Class Making a Difference

Press Release for Silent Culver’s 10-12-2016


From ASL Teacher Susan Shirk:

The dad of a women’s soccer player from Alma College who was in town to watch his daughter play against Adrian College, approached me toward the end of our Silent Culver’s event. He said he was curious about our group.  I told him that we are from Madison High School and that the students are taking American Sign Language classes.  He said, “Do you mean to tell me that all these kids are learning how to sign?  I can’t believe it, that’s wonderful!”  He went on to explain that his daughter is deaf, so we chatted for a while.  He expressed repeatedly his appreciation of the fact that our students are learning American Sign Language and use it out in public.

Out raising awareness and enjoy the opportunity to use their sign language skills are the 29 current and former ASL students listed below:

Skyler Lamley, Jacob Foster, Kegan Newcomb, Dante` Collins, Isabell Young, Madeleine Fuller, Sara Swanson, Chloe Cowen, Makenna Sharp, Trey Raburn, Katie Hamann, Arienna Fernandez, Aleesha Summers, Jazmyn Luce, Abby Linger, Elizabeth Turgeon, Rylee Echelburger, Tyson Fetter, Mia Young, Jenny Mauss, Logan Villerot, Gale DeAndelis, Zyler Ritzler, Cole McMahon, Erica Lynn, Donnie Farrar, Sam Daly, and Sarah Hamilton.


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