Fall Sports Rules and Regulations

September 9, 2020


1. EVERYONE must wear a mask. Even the participants have to wear a mask at all times. This is a governor’s EO and hopefully we will get better clarification on it.

2. Every athlete is allowed 2 guests to attend a home or away contest.  Away games you MUST have a ticket and pay at the visitors gate when you arrive to the contest.  Home games you will be checked off the guest list for the participant, but again, only 2 guests per athlete. for cross country and golf the same rules apply, you just do not have to pay an admission fee for regular contests.

3. Social Distancing is still required.  There will be markings in the bleachers as to how close you can sit to another person.

4. Kids cannot hang around the school waiting for practice. They can be outside or go home and come back.

5. Lockers are not available for students to put their equipment in.

6. As of now, there will not be concession stands at events


Please help us have a successful season and do your best to support your athlete.


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