Driver’s Education Segment I in September

Madison Schools will be offering a Segment 1 driver training course during the month of September.  This course will be limited to 8 students.  If interested please email Wade Perry at for instructions for signing up.  The cost of the class is $375 payable through MYSchoolBucks.  The course will begin on Tuesday, September 1 and will run through Friday September 18. The exact dates are below.  Students will also have to schedule driving hours in addition to the classroom time.  Drives usually are scheduled for times after class and on dates when class is finished.  Drives will also need to take place on some Saturdays. Classroom instruction is after school from 3-5 P.M., each day listed.

Week 1

  • Tu 9-1
  • W 9-2
  • TH 9-3

Week 2

  • Tu-F Sept. 8,9,10, and 11

Week 3

  • M 9-14
  • TU 8-15
  • W 9-16
  • Th 9-17
  • F 9-18

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