2017 SuperFAN Shootout Information

Madison Elementary students are gearing up for a 3rd annual SUPERFAN Shootout! This has become a favorite event as students learn and improve their basketball FUNdamentals while promoting physical activity. All students in grades Y5-5 will be participating in the SUPERFAN Shootout during their physical education classes during the week of February 6, 2017. Please consider sponsoring a student’s efforts in this event to promote health and wellness in our school and community!

Participants who raise funds for this event are eligible to earn “thank you gifts” for their efforts.

All proceeds will support health and wellness activities for our students including but not limited to providing financial assistance in purchasing new elementary playground equipment, enhanced opportunities for physical activity, as well as supporting the health and well-being of our Madison Family!

We thank all of our past contributors from this event in their support of our Madison Indoor Athletic Facility. Our Madison students of all ages have enjoyed the opportunity to use the building year round for sports such as baseball, softball, wrestling, competitive cheer, football, golf, as well as other sports and fitness activities. Again, WE THANK YOU!


Please see below for permission forms that must be filled out by parents for their children to participate. In addition, there are collection forms that can be used to track your student’s donations. An envelope will be provided to collect money, which is due to be turned in by Friday, February 10. Donations can also be made on MySchoolBucks.com.


SuperFAN Shootout Permission Form                                                              PDF-Icon-64
SuperFAN Shootout Collection Form PDF-Icon-64

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