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Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

I thought you might want to learn about the health risks for youth and young adults who use e-cigarettes. Visit https://e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov/?s_cid=OSH_email_E120 to get the science-based facts.


Five Dangers Apps Parents Don’t Know Teens Use

Written by Tim Elmore from Growing Leaders


Four Parenting Strategies for Leading Generation Z


10 Things to Know About Juuling

JUULing is a teen phenomenon happening outside the adult radar screen. This craze is something that school principals need to know about, and many of them already do. It’s a pervasive trend that happens in school bathrooms and as groups walk down the halls. It’s a new way to consume-and get the buzz of-nicotine without the mess and tell-tale signs of smoking a cigarette. But, whether adults realize it or not, this trend can have serious negative effects on the teenagers around us.

These are the top ten things school administrators need to know about JUUL, which they should also pass on to parents.




Superintendent Interview Update

Madison Family,

Last night the Madison Board of Education completed the first round of interviews for the position of District Superintendent. At the conclusion of the interviews, the Board of Education voted to extend a 2nd round interview to three candidates. The candidates invited for a 2nd interview are Mr. Jacob Anastasoff from Tecumseh Public Schools, Mr. Nick Steinmetz from Manchester Community Schools, and Mr. James Baker from the Lakeview School District. The 2nd round of interviews will be held the week of November 18th, 2019.  The date(s) and times will be communicated once they are finalized with the candidates.


Have a great weekend,

Kristin Thomas

Madison HS Principal