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Non-Teaching Positions

TITLE: Title 1 Interventionist


  1. Ability to work successfully with students, staff administrators and Community members.
  2. Must be flexible.
  3. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  4. Other qualifications as may be deemed essential for successful performance in the position.

REPORTS TO: Title 1 Literacy Coach or Designee.

JOB GOAL: To provide supplemental instruction employing research-based programming and identified best practices consistent with a Multi-Tiered System of Support model.


  1. Work with Title 1 Literacy Coach/Interventionist to identify appropriate materials and strategies to ensure successful student interventions.
  2. Work with students in small groups and/or one-on-one.
  3. Administer assessments as determined by the Title 1 Literacy Coach.
  4. Provide Title 1 Literacy Coach and classroom teachers with feedback on student performance and progress as needed.
  5. Assist the Title 1 Literacy Coach/Interventionist in preparing materials for intervention use.
  6. Assist Title 1 Literacy Coach/Interventionist in relevant data collection and analysis, including participation in data-based decisions related to intervention implementation and modification.
  7. Participate in school activities as a member of the school community as needed.
  8. Supervise children in a variety of settings.
  9. Maintains professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the district and self-selected professional growth activities.
  10. Identifies pupil needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils

solve health, attitude, and learning problems.

  1. Performs other such duties as may reasonably be assigned.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Non-tenured service not to exceed 170 days during the school year, nor 29

hours per week. Salary and other terms and conditions of employment shall be governed by negotiated contract.

EVALUATION: Performance in this position will be evaluated by the Title 1 Literacy Coach, or Designee, in accordance with School Board Policy.

 If interested, please contact:

Heidi Miller 263.0741 ext. 327 or Heidi.Miller@madisonk12.us

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