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On October 6, 2016, Governor Rick Synder signed House Bill 4822 into law requiring all Third Grade students not scoring proficient on the Third Grade state summative assessment be retained.

Madison Elementary School educators have set out to approach this work in a positive way designed to embed best practice instructional strategies, use of balanced assessments designed to inform instruction and systems of support that differentiate teaching to the learning needs of students based upon appropriate data points. To accomplish these overarching goals, Madison Elementary School engaged educators from across Lenawee County and the state of Michigan to draw out the best thinking of individuals. We have successfully created a system designed to assist all stakeholders with the implementation of this law.

In the process, Madison Elementary School has determined that embedding best practice instructional strategies, using balanced assessments designed to inform instruction, and systems that support the various needs of all students shall not be limited to grades K-3. Instead, all Madison Elementary School grade levels will participate in this system.

Third Grade Reading Law mandates that we use a balanced assessment system to determine student needs. Within the first thirty days of school, our students will be assessed with an initial screener to identify students who may be at risk of not reading proficiently. Classroom teachers will administer a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine the specific deficiencies of these children. Once needs are determined, an Individualized Reading Improvement Plan (IRIP) is developed. The IRIP will include the specific focus area, the instructional goals, the strategies we are currently using for instruction, the interventions we will put in place to target the deficiency, and the assessment we will use to monitor the progress of the student.

Below is a copy the Madison Elementary Parents’ Read-At-Home Plan for Student Success. Please contact us with any questions.



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Here is a link to an informative article explaining the law: What parents need to know as Michigan’s 3rd grade reading law takes effect


Madison Elementary School Home Reading Plan                                                                                            PDF-Icon-64


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Madison Elementary students are empowered to work and learn together in a safe, respectful, supportive, and stimulating environment. Sustaining this positive learning environment is our top priority. Madison Elementary helps to assist children reach their fullest potential through rigorous academics, innovative technology, and personal attention. 

Great beginnings start at Madison Elementary School where we are proud of our strong academic programs. We are very pleased to be acknowledged by the Michigan Department of Education as a Reward School.  The success of our school is due to the participation, talent, and hard work of our students, faculty, staff, families, and community – our Madison Family!
If you should have any questions about Madison Elementary School, please feel free to contact us at 517-263-0744 or by email at Abby.Miller@madisonk12.us or Nate.Pechaitis@madisonk12.us.
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The 3rd Grade Breakfast With My Child originally scheduled for Friday, January 12 has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 25 at 8:00 a.m. in the Elementary Cafe. This is for the 3rd grade classes of Brackelman, Riggs, and Risner.