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Madison Elementary 5th grade students participate in Outdoor Education at
Camp Michindoh each year. It is a highlight of their school year and is a
wonderful experience where many cherished memories are made.

Thank you for all who helped to make the 2017 5th Grade Outdoor Education
experience a positive one for our students!


The 2018 Camp Michindoh trip will be held from Monday, January 22 – Friday, January 26

An informational parent meeting will be held in Ms. Metevia’s room on Thursday, November 16 at 6:00 p.m. to answer any questions you might have!


The cost for the trip is $150, which can be broken into three equal payments of $50:

Friday, October 6

Friday, November 3

Friday, December 1


The P.A.T.T. is offering camp scholarships for 5th grade students. The application form to nominate a student can be found below.


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Camp Michindoh Website more
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P.A.T.T. Scholarship Form PDF-Icon-64


Kathy Ingels Kathy.Ingels@madisonk12.us 517-263-0744 ext. 326
Kristen Metevia Kristen.Metevia@madisonk12.us 517-263-0744 ext. 333
Gary Nowak Gary.Nowak@madisonk12.us 517-263-0744 ext. 330
Chelsea Pawson Chelsea.Pawson@madisonk12.us 517-263-0744 ext. 336
Erin Pifer Erin.Pifer@madisonk12.us 517-263-0744 ext. 312
Liza Zubke Lisa.Zubke@madisonk12.us 517-263-0744 ext. 327


IMPORTANT: Middle School parents must fill out waivers TODAY for the Fall Frenzy trip to Adventure Park next week.
Visit the district website here to complete your child's permission slip and waiver form: